Focused. Relentless. Cheerful.

Hall Darling Design Studio


The attitude and approach of the project team is a critical component of project success. We approach each project and client with an open and inquisitive mind, fostering working relationships of goodwill and earnestness, strong in our conviction, well researched, and delivered with humility.


Projects are more likely to stumble over a pebble than a boulder.

Though each individual project detail is critical, more critical is the synergy of details, especially those which may seem to occupy disparate poles of the project. A strong design leader with a global view of the physical, technical, and municipal details of the project is often the last line of defense.

Our office takes a linear approach to managing projects, assigning team members who stay fully integrated with the project from inception to dedication. We do not pass responsibilities from architect to architect as the project matures. Both the project manager and the firm’s principle, Glenn Darling, will be involved at the granular level throughout the project duration. This approach results in a comprehensive perspective which is essential in highly dynamic project environments with complex designs, systems, and permitting requirements.


The most important aspect of being a team player is presence, not to be confused with attendance.

Presence is a state of constant awareness, flexibility, reliability, and prescience. We work to fully integrate our understanding with all aspects of our client’s needs. The element which ultimately lets a project sing is often gathered from an unassuming observation. We engage every meeting and site visit with keen ears and eyes, hungry for every detail, hunting for simple, practical, and beautiful solutions.

The Team

Our range of experience is varied and extensive by design. We have built a team with talent and experience at multiple scales, project types, and budgets. We are ready for whatever you’ve got.

Glenn Darling

Glenn Darling

President / Principal Architect
Robert Connor

Robert Connor

Senior Project Manager

Emanuel Leon Assoc. AIA

Michele Aldrich

Michele Aldrich Assoc. AIA

Sophie Hanners

Sophie Hanners


Katie Johnson

Office Manager